Social Identity in Context

Our research focuses on social identity development and the effects of minority stress on health and well-being. We are interested in how people come to understand their social identities and the intersections among them, how this understanding relates to sociocultural contexts and functioning, and the various paths to resilience and adaptive coping. 

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Selected Publications

Azmitia, M., Garcia Peraza, P. D., Thomas, V., Ajayi A. A., & Syed, M. (2023). The promises and challenges of using an intersectional framework to study identity development during adolescence and early adulthood. In L. Crockett, G. Carlo, & J. Schulenberg (Eds.), APA handbook of adolescent and young adult development. American Psychological Association

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Ajayi A. A., Grier-Reed, T., & Houseworth, J. (2022). In this together? Exploring moderating and mediating effects of shared racial fate on the predictive role of racial socialization and discrimination on Black activism. Journal of Black Psychology, 48(3–4), 327–359.

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