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The iWell lab is currently accepting Undergraduate Research Assistants for Summer/Fall 2024. Priority deadline is April 15. 

Undergraduate Students

During the academic year, most undergraduate research assistants work in the lab as part of PSY 5993—Directed Research in Psychology (3-credit). This course involves nine hours of lab-related work per week and provides opportunities for students to develop research skills in a collaborative environment. During the summer months, students have the option to volunteer, enroll in PSY 5993, or engage in summer research programs, such as the University of Minnesota's Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP).

If you are interested in joining the lab, please complete the iWell Lab Application and send any questions/concerns you may have to [email protected]. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, and you will be contacted with more information regarding your application within 2-3 weeks.

iWell Lab Application

Graduate Students

Prospective graduate students of the Counseling Psychology program at the University of Minnesota should visit the Department of Psychology's admissions page to see if Dr. Ajayi is considering new advisees in a given year and for more information on how to apply to our program.

We welcome collaboration with current graduate students who share common research interests. Interested students should reach out to Dr. Ajayi directly via email at [email protected].