Our Team

Lab Director

Alex Ajayi, Ph.D., LP

Dr. Alex Ajayi is an assistant professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Minnesota. His research program seeks to understand the impact of social marginalization, factors that underpin health and education disparities among diverse groups, and ways to reduce these disparities. He is interested in developing scalable and innovative interventions in health and education. Outside of work, he enjoys traveling, gardening, and spending time with friends and family. 

Undergraduate Students

David Girin

David is a third year undergraduate student pursuing a degree in Psychology (BS) with an interest in personality and counseling. Outside of school, he enjoys finding new music, thrifting and going to the gym




Halle Bretz

Halle Bretz is in her third year of undergraduate school. She is studying Psychology (B.A.) with a minor in Leadership, and her psychology interests involve counseling with a specific focus on sports psychology. Outside of school, she enjoys dancing, thrifting, and trying new restaurants and coffee shops with friends and family. 



Karly Allison

Karly is a third year undergraduate student pursuing her Bachelor's of Science in Psychology. Her psychological interests include the health and well-being of marginalized communities, specifically within a health care setting, as well as vision science research. Outside of school, Karly enjoys reading, teaching colorguard/marching band, and listening to live music.



Lee'RayVone G'everdloaahn

Lee'RayVone is in his third year of undergraduate school and is pursuing a B.A. in both Psychology and Critical Race & Ethnicity Studies, with minors in Statistics and Entrepreneurial Studies. His scholarly interests involve the connection between Mental Health and Culture or Identity from a Clinical or Social Psychological perspective. Outside of school, he enjoys writing poetry, reading, and working out.



Mounika Karri

Mounika is in her third year of undergrad and is pursuing a Psychology B.S. with minors in Integrative Neuroscience and Public Health. Her psychology interests are counseling within the realm of minority populations, specifically immigrant families and bridging mental health disparities. Outside of school, she enjoys going on long walks, reading, and frequenting coffee shops (only for the chai)



Palwasha Khan

Palwasha is a third year undergraduate student. Her major is psychology (B.S.) with an interest in counseling for couples, families, and minorities. In her free time, she enjoys reading, spending time with family and friends, knitting, and watching movies.




Paul Krenik

Paul is a fourth year undergraduate student pursuing degrees in Psychology (BS) and Biology (BA). His psychology interests include health and wellbeing among marginalized communities. After graduation he plans on continuing his education by going to medical school. Outside of school, he enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbee, hiking, watching movies, and traveling. 


Rianna Gomes

Rianna Gomes

Rianna is a third year undergraduate school and is pursuing a Psychology B.S. with a Public Health minor. Her psychology interests are in counseling, specifically focusing on underrepresented communities. Outside of school, she enjoys traveling, reading, and spending time with her dog, Nala!




Theo Thompson- Guldseth

Theo is in his third year of undergrad pursuing a B.S. is Psychology with minors in Learning Technologies and Developmental Psychology. He has an interest in counseling with possibly focusing on children and adolescents. Outside of school, he enjoys playing volleyball and basketball.



Will Greenberg

Will Greenberg

Will is in his second year of undergrad, and is pursuing a bachelors of science in Psychology. His psychological interests include counseling, specifically therapeutic interventions. Outside of school, Will enjoys listening to music, playing soccer, & going for runs.

Graduate Students

Jake Schachter

Jake is from Houston, Texas and graduated from Augsburg University with a BA in clinical psychology and a double minor in statistics and religion. He is interested in developing, implementing, and evaluating trauma-informed mindfulness-based interventions. He is  currently focused on developing a web-based intervention based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. He is also evaluating a program at the Minneapolis VA that integrates Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Prolonged Exposure. Outside of school he likes to play soccer, watch movies, and try new restaurants.